Harrow Primary Expansion

LOM has worked with Harrow Council to produce over 50 feasibility studies to assess the capacity of Primary and Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools across the borough and to additional student places.

Harrow Primary Expansion

Harrow Council

Harrow, UK


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In common with many local authorities Harrow needs to create more primary school places to meet the growing demand by residents. LOM defined an approach to create an additional form of entry assessing each school against guidance to establish accommodation requirements. Options were developed in consultation with schools and the local authority to define a ‘best fit’ solution. The focus was to contribute to the long term future of each school by providing the best value within the budgetary and spatial limitations.

Each school also identified its own specific requirements such as being able to provide hot meals, ensuring facilities were available to the wider community, improving flexibility and clustering year groups.


LOM architecture + design - Harrow Primary Expansion - Belmont LOM architecture and design – primary masterplanning

The expansion programme has also seen the amalgamation of first and middle schools, to create primary schools with continuity from Foundation to Key Stage 2. Research shows that children learn better when they have move less during their school career. There is improved use of teachers’ skills, specialist teaching and improved pastoral arrangements, as well as benefits for management, leadership and financial management.

The long term aims of each of the primary masterplans were to bring sites and buildings broadly in line with BB99, create fully accessible schools, and replace temporary buildings with permanent educational environments.

Eleven feasibilities were developed into full construction projects across separate phases and are all now complete.

LOM architecture and design - Belmont Primary School - Harrow School Expansions
LOM architecture and design – primary masterplanning LOM architecture and design - Belmont Primary School - Harrow School Expansions

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