Mixed use tower

A mixed-use urban tower, conceived as a vertical landscape, with garden space and planting extending across all levels.

Mixed use tower



We are developing this new concept as a cluster of three towers, around a single core. The building provides three residential hubs, clustered around a central core, reaching out to key views and creating open and sheltered public spaces at the lower levels.

The tower sits on a a triangular base providing retail and workspace within a seamless flowing elevation. A two storey glasshouse and external landscaped terraces sit between the base and the main tower, which rises through 30 storeys with a viewing gallery and roof garden at the highest point.

The cluster of curved towers creates an elegant sculptural form on the skyline, changing as the viewer moves around the site. The three-sided plan is sculpted and rotated across the levels of the tower, creating a natural and aerodynamic form with elegant curves and corners.

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