Exploratory school

LOM is undertaking a piece of research and development to challenge the current school design paradigm.

Exploratory school



The aim is to explore whether, in this age of austerity, there is a better solution for sustainable school design that addresses both pragmatic requirements of the existing school estate whilst supporting the latest developments in education and learning.

We considered the increasing use of project based and free-flow curriculums, individualised modes of learning and ideas from the ‘Learning Town’ concept, where the educational environment embraces local amenities such as sports centres, libraries and cinemas.

The resulting ‘Exploratory School’ model is designed around 3 principle settings; home, exploration and play. These provide for a range of uses or activities that support learning in different ways. Core facilities are on site with class bases configured around an open ‘exploration’ area capable of supporting assemblies, group activities, project work and individual study.

LOM architecture and design - Exploratory School Research LOM architecture and design - Exploratory School Research

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