Workplace design and strategy.

People are the heart of every business and the workplace environment plays a fundamental role in their performance. We make sure that the buildings and spaces they use are supporting their daily needs and are tailored to the ways they work. We look to the future, designing flexible workplaces that can easily adapt to changing business requirements and keep pace with advances in technology.

Over the years we’ve collaborated with a wide range of organisations to transform their workplaces, including blue-chip corporates, SMEs and co-working providers. Our portfolio includes new buildings, retrofit and refurbishments, interior designs, workplace strategies and design manuals.

“LOM has re-imagined and redefined the collaborative workplace - it's the optimal environment for the UK's top tech startups and corporate innovation teams to come together to shape the future. ”

Karl Knight - President, RocketSpace

New ways of working

Now that people can work anywhere, the office is crucial in creating togetherness and supporting a high performing culture. We design environments that encourage interaction, with flexible and collaborative spaces occupying as much as half of the floor area in some offices. It is also important to balance these out with areas for private conversations and quiet, focused working.

We are experienced in planning and designing workplaces different functions, from auditoriums and event spaces, to break-out and quiet study areas. Our designs are tailored to suit the people using them – taking care of ergonomics, privacy and changing technology.

Portfolio and workplace strategy

Real estate is a physical asset that must be put to work. For most businesses, property is their most expensive asset and although its cost is understood, its strategic value can be overlooked. To maintain commercial advantage or to help save money, it is crucial that property performs effectively.

To help clients maximise the potential of their property, we strategically assess the building and advise on how it can perform better. We look at factors such as location, building configuration and environmental and spatial design.

“LOM take time to understand the culture of an organisation both from a corporate and end-user perspective. They successfully balance the requirements of each in their design.”

Peter Wood CBE - Chairman, esure

Workplace design standards

We produce design guides, construction manuals and brand manuals for organisations that work across the world. These give clients and design teams a framework to implement the approved workplace or retail design approach, ensuring consistency in design and quality.

The key to a successful design guide lies in creating a flexible design framework that allows for global and regional adaptation, and local business identity, within an overriding structure that reflects the culture and long-term strategy of an organisation.

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