The Glass House

LOM’s own architectural studio and workplace in the heart of Shoreditch, East London, set over three floors and 450sqm in a new mixed use development by Telford Homes.

The Glass House

LOM architecture and design

Shoreditch, London


The interior has been designed around LOM’s needs and is both creative and professional. Exposed services and galvanised flooring give the open plan workspace a light industrial look while an eclectic mix of contemporary furniture provide colour and texture.

Each floor has its own purpose: ‘host’, ‘make’ and ‘draw’. Guests are welcomed on the first floor while the second and third floors, with more natural light, have collaborative areas for creative sessions, design and review. Curved pods provide space for private meetings and phone-calls while bespoke plywood benches are places to draw, make models and store samples. The outside is reflected inside with a bold piece of original artwork, by a local artist, applied on each level.

The-Glass-House-LOM-architecture-and-design-view-from-Bethnal-Green-Road The-Glass-House-LOM-architecture-and-design-workplace-meeting-by-work-bench

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