LOM celebrates talent with multiple promotions

We are delighted to share news of several key promotions across the practice this year, celebrating our team’s hard work and talent. These promotions recognise key individuals who have made an exceptional and ongoing contribution to the growth of the business.

Senior Associates

Congratulations to Chiara Cantilena, Emily Cassel, James Fellows and Chris Pyle. As core members of our Associate team, Chiara, Emily, James and Chris have all played a key role at LOM for over 10 years, leading major projects and working across the practice to drive quality and develop skills.

Senior Architects and Designers

Congratulations to Ana Campos Bordons, Claudia Caneva, Scott Jenkins and Jax Chang. As experienced Architects and Designers, Ana, Claudia, Scott and Jax are a key part of our team, working with clients, consultants and colleagues to deliver excellent design and technical packages.

Thanks to you all for the important work that you do, and for being part of a great team at LOM.

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